Monday, February 13, 2017

Kubo And The Two Strings

Not only is this one of the best animated movies I've ever seen in my life, but the story itself is one of the best I have seen.

Kubo And The Two Strings is brought to us by our friends over at Laika Studios, the same folks who brought us Coraline and the ghoulish brilliant Paranorman to the big screen, this particular movie follows a story, a tale, a legend of a young boy with a single eye on a quest to reclaim three pieces of armor in an attempt to defeat the Moon God. Not only is this beyond perfection in terms of animation, using the same style of stopmotion and models like The Nightmare Before Christmas and all their other films, not only is the story rich in potential and delivers, not only is the voice acting outstanding with Charlize Theron and Matthew McConaughey, not only is it rooted in a world of magic with a profound basis in Japanese culture and art direction, but this was a film where I had such slight, miniscule expectations and by the time the title popped up I knew I was going to watch a marvellous movie. I love the characters, I love the mythos, I love the magic element, the art is breathtaking considering how they achieved it, the comedy is fun but maybe a bit off in places, the movie just shapes it's own identity and there are no compromises to it. I have no idea if most of the story is original or based in Japanese myth and legends, I don't even care because it is so good. It's been awhile since I had a fun time watching a movie, and been awhile since a movie blew my expectations out of the water. I saw the trailer for it and was fascinated, but never saw it in theater's, and you better believe I am kicking myself in the ass because I missed it. What a wonderful movie, with enough to capture the imagination of a child and intrigue the parents. A grade A+ family film, 4 stars check it out!

Well that's all from the old Duder tonight, and tomorrow we have another venture into the Pixar realm with Finding Dory, so just keep swimming folks. Goodnight everybody!

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