Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sherlock: Series 3

Okay, really surprising. It's my favorite series.

I thought it was impossible to surpass series 2. I was wrong. Which is odd, because the first time I watched it I thought it was just okay, nothing special or greater than the last series. But now that I have watched it for a second time, I can safely say it is my favorite, every episode is terrific, it focuses so much more on the relationship Sherlock and John have together, how Sherlock handles John being married to Mary, and it works so brilliantly well. The first episode really was all about Sherlock coming back, there wasn't even a case until well after the halfway point. The Sign Of Three is in my opinion, the absolute best episode of the entire show hands down, again really not much of a case but it is the most humorous, most emotional, and most perfectly well done episode, if there was an episode I could watch whenever I wanted this would be it. And finally, His Last Vow which gets really trippy and metaphysical but the twists, and the overall menace of our antagonist makes it damn good and it ended the way I wanted it to so very difficult to argue with the quality of this whole series. It has the best sum of episodes, it has my absolute favorite episode, touches on everything that I know and love about the show, introduces new characters, and by the by, Mary is....extraodinary. I simply adore her, if I ever knew her in real life the question "What am I going to do with you?" would spring up, and to be perfectly honest that is the highest compliment and viewing standard I could ever have for another person. Truly John is a lucky man. So anyway, the best series in my opinion. Not unless series 4 floors me beyond any form of comprehension....

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