Friday, February 24, 2017

Sherlock: Series 4

Late? Yes. Busy? Very. Any good? More than you would expect.

God, how do I talk about it? So many secrets and twists. didn't surpass series 3. Still very good, was very surprised and entertained but didn't wow me. But then again it took a second viewing of the last series to call it my favorite, so who knows? Has quite possibly, the best acting in the entire run of the show but in places. It gets very weird, even reality questioning at times, but the humor, intrigue, and cases still hold hard and true. It's quite interesting when you get down to it. I almost dare not reveal more. In a way, it delves into the very psychology of Sherlock, what made him who he is today. The only last thing I can truly say is, the final episode has reached new heights of danger for Sherlock and John than ever before, The Great Game, The Reichenbach Fall, His Last Vow, nothing compared to this. Nothing. It is bad.

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