Monday, February 27, 2017

Pokemon The Movie 2000

Now we reach my favorite of the Pokemon movies. Yeah, this one is my all time favorite just due to the massive scope of it all, it just seemed so much bigger. It was my first and only Pokemon movie I owned until literally a few days ago, I still have it and watch it on VHS and even still have my Lugia coin that came with the movie.

So the plot of this chapter is this collector...guy, whoes name is a mystery to those who did not buy the merchandise or see the Japanese version, tries to capture the three legendary Pokemon birds, Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos before finally claiming the beast of the sea, Lugia. Meanwhile, Ash, Misty, and Tracy, the first change in the party in terms of companions, travel to the Orange Island, where they hear tell of a prophecy of a hero that helps restore balance and peace between the warring birds, thus forcing Ash and his friends to try to quell the fighting or lest the earth shall turn to ash (That's not a joke, that's what the prophecy says.). I don't know, to a little kid this seemed like the most epic storytelling ever in the history of mankind, even though I still like it now the whole prophecy thing just seems sort of silly. But the nostalgia has never been higher for me, with great action sequences, still a very good voice acting job from all participants, terrific music to the point where Lugia's Song is still the only piece of music to illicit tears to my eyes, good and quite frankly bad comedy bits but nothing that would insult your intelligence, and the stakes do seem so exponentially higher than ever before, the whole world is at stake this time. So yeah, to my eyes it doesn't get better than this in terms of Pokemon, but many many people would disagree with me because of the next movie...

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