Friday, March 22, 2019

Space Mutiny

Time to enjoy myself.

Oh Space Mutiny, you may be bad enough to be showcased on Mystery Science Theater 3000 but I still love you. No seriously, this is such an entertaining and fun movie and I practically know the MST3K riffs by heart so I can have a good time with this movie anytime. And yes, I own the movie. I grabbed it at a Half-Priced Books for $2 and never regretted it. So what is the story to this movie? Set in the far off future in Battlestar Galactica footage, a colony of people are travelling in deep space and some have grown quite restless under the command of Santa Claus in a space mumu, Billy Idol, and Reb Brown the most obscure action superstar in the world. A mutiny is planned, war breaks out, romance begins, and there is enough railing kills to create a drinking game. What's not to love? This is the prime example of a low budget sci-fi movie you will ever see, everyone dresses in shiny clothes, the props are cheap and hilarious, the fact they had to steal actual broadcasted footage of Battlestar Galactica because the budget was that poor, just imagine in your mind the most clearly cheap sci-fi action movie ever and then watch this movie. It's pretty amazing. The acting isn't that great but I've seen worse. I've seen way, way friggin' worse and the (debateable) best actor in the movie is Reb Brown one of the greats in action cinema. He makes this movie pretty great, but I will say his acting is an acquired taste but once you love it, you're hooked. The man was built to shoot guns and yell and that is what he does in most of his movies. And his love interest in the movie is his actual wife, they have been married since 1979 and you know what? They're a cute couple and I'm so happy to still see them together. Reb may not get much work nowadays but the cult following he has is strong and I always look forward to his next movie. There's more bad stuff to be found but it's greatly entertaining bad stuff, like the so clearly a villain to the poiny he laughs evilly at every instance and his acting is the stuff of bad movie legend, the side characters range from superfluous to barely progressing the plot forward but I don't care. You can take a shot everytime someone flies over a railing and you'd be so piss ass drunk you wouldn't care either. And has the greatest war cry or at least top 5, with the other 4 spots also belonging to Reb Brown ever showcased in cinema. Solid 3 stars, lot of fun, cheesy sci-fi action at it's finest, highly recommended!

Well one more week of bad. And we saved the worst for last.

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