Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Plan 9 From Outer Space

I think I've seen worse.

For decades the reputation of this movie and Ed Wood himself has been the crowning achievement of bad movies, but has the king been toppled from his throne? In this humble critic's view yes. In 1959 and the subsequent decades, there wasn't a masterpiece of shlock like Plan 9, but now....I don't know, I feel kinda jaded when it comes to bad movies to the point where Plan 9 is utterly a less than okay movie. When a movie has a 4/5 star rating on Amazon, and most of the user reviews on IMDB rate this above an 8, there might be something there. But the whole time I watched the movie I was underwhelmed kind of. The acting is average if a bit off from time to time, the sets are basic, the editing is screwy when it goes from day to night to the point where I came up with a not altogether untrue theory about a cemetry shrouded in forever darkness, the plot is weird concerning aliens ressurecting the earth's dead in some odd half baked plan to get humanity from creating a weapon that will destroy the universe. I have no idea why they are creating zombies in order to solidify galactic peace, and it does make you wonder what the hell the other 8 failed plans were. But of course the solution to everything including peaceful negotiations to save the literal universe is violence, no really the humans hear all this then proceed to exploit the alien's weakness of american fists and blow their ship up! Oh, and don't forget the blatant sexism towards women, because all they are good for is baby and sandwhich making. The 50s, Grease lied to you!! But anyway, it's just average. Maybe I wasn't in the right mood but I've watched Bride Of The Monster, another Ed Wood movie and I greatly enjoyed the so bad it's good quality. With this, I noticed the off shots and cheap effects but didn't really glance twice at the less than good elements of the movie. Is it because I've seen chunks of this movie time and time again in conjecture with the Tim Burton movie so I just can't really bring myself to hate the movie? Or is it the fact I've seen movies that I think are far worse to the point I get blood boiling pissed off? A bit of both, I've never seen a movie so laughably bad before, or at least not yet. I do not laugh at bad movies, I get hostile. Bleeding Steel was an odd movie, completely in it's own world, but was so unapologetically bizzare that it was hard not to enjoy and laugh at the absurdness. I still do not think that is a bad movie, I don't know what it is beyond one of the most entertaining movies I've seen in my life. So Plan 9 fell flat for me, and I know it has a cult fanbase and holds a place in movie history but it is by no means the "worst movie ever". I've seen worse in my time, but you can watch both the movie and the Rifftrax of the movie on Amazon right now, so maybe you can enjoy this movie one way or another, vastly more than me. I give it a solid 2 stars, smack dab in the middle.

Next time though, we go straight to more modern movies with a sterling example of cinematic atrocity, Marky Mark play us out.

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