Friday, February 8, 2019

The Lego Movie 2


The Lego Movie 2 is a fine movie, I really enjoyed it, and I do highly suggest you get out there and watch this movie! However. It's....not better than the first movie. But I really do like it! It's just when you pit it to the first movie it kinda sorta falls flat. Ow! Who threw that? I mean I look at it like this and I think you will agree. The Lego Movie is very much like the first Star Wars movie. No, no, no not that you silly bean! We're talking 1977 Star Wars. Before the movie came out, and while it was being made, nobody had any faith in this project, the trailers looked unremarkeable, nobody but the George Lucas had any faith and standing in the movie. Same for The Lego Movie, everyone thought it would be consumerist garbage doing nothing but selling you toys for over an hour and a half, nobody had faith in it, people just weren't biting. Then both movies hit theaters. Boom. People loved it! I love it, you love it! And...I really feel like they should have followed similarly. Like go for an Empire Strikes Back style and they do try to do that with mixed success, and even did a fake out ending when it got to a really dark place which I really hated. I know they can't do that, this is not grand epic storytelling, this is a comedy movie the whole family can enjoy. But that's nothing, that's nitpick stuff at best! How's the movie actually? Very good, the animation is still excellent and taking on a space theme with other newly created characters is wonderful to see. The humor is still great and made me laugh probably more than anybody else in the theater if I'm being embarassingly honest. The story again is basic and actually has a very nice and dare I even say life affirming message at the end, so you'd think I would give this movie a stellar review! 10/10, 4 stars, two thumbs way way up! Buuuuut! It kinda treads the same stuff, same jokes, same story material, yes there's plenty new but the stuff that I noticed didn't really do it for me. But you can love this movie just as much if not more than the first, and I will fully grant you that it took me several viewings of The Lego Movie for me to fully appreciate it, enjoy it, and love it so I have no problem seeing this movie again. But I'm telling you, if this movie gets nominated for Best Animated Feature and the first one didn't, I will be severely shocked. Not upset, but shocked. So I give it 3 stars, check it out. Go see it, let me know how much you enjoyed it, what they could improve, speculate over the next movie! Just have fun with it. And I will see you next week with a movie from another Hollywood heartthrob of mine.

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