Thursday, February 14, 2019

Alita Battle Angel

Boy this is tough.

It is not bad, in fact Alita Battle Angel is a good movie but I think I finally know how all those people who read the book first feel. The book series if you have followed my Twitter, was on my reading list last week and it's really good stuff! Not for the younger folk, if anything be at least 18 if you read it but anywho, I never heard of this Alita but I heard a bit of the reputation and standing it has since it's inception in I believe 1986 or 87 in literally this month so I had to check it out. And the movie does mighty fine recounting the first volume of the story, of course with liberties taken but none of them are out of place or betrayal worthy, it all works very well. The special effects including Alita are done very, very well and fit the style of the book maybe not much the tone but to be honest the books series has a tone problem a little so we'll forgive that! I really like the casting, Rosa Salazar is damn good as Alita, and I don't care I like the big eyes they are very impressive, she gets the character she has her cute moments, her badass moments, her questions of who she is and where she's from, so it is hit after hit across the board with her. I thought the casting of Christoph Waltz as Alita's dad figure Ido wasn't bad but honestly I couldn't think of anyone else better for the part, and he really goes into dad mode a bit and I love it, so big thumbs up from me. If there was one thing I almost entirely dislike about the movie is the PG-13 rating, cause this series is not known for it's availability for everyone. I've never seen so many brains outside of the human skull so much in one work, ever. It's brutal in those books man! But it's more an adult story and a great one at that so it has my respect and love. Now granted I love the pure F-bomb used in the movie just like the good ol' days! But it doesn't like, work with the style of this story. It feels reigned back a bit. In the book, the city is absolute dumpster fire, like imagine Gotham but even worse and with cyberpunk architecture but with this movie it seems like a decent place minus the junkyard in the center of the city. Fine whatever, a new take on a old story. But there is a clear distinction between movie and source material. So if you haven't read the books, you're gonna dig the movie and if you have you can appreciate the movie for what it did. I think of this more the same way of Ghost In The Shell, a basic telling of the story with great visuals, basic characters, and an introduction for those who haven't travelled abroad in terms of entertainment from the land of the rising sun. Good movie, great series, no doubt going to buy both.

And that is all for today, but tune in tomorrow for more movie adventures.

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