Wednesday, February 6, 2019

In Retrospect: The Grinch

Still pretty dang good but I do have more things to say.

I still love the way they handled the story, it's not entirely How The Grinch Stole Christmas, it's a loose adaptation that covers it but still does it's own thing. It's great seeing the animation style of Illumination in a winter setting, they take full adavantage of landscape, color, and Christmas imagery and they do it mighty well especially with the brief quiet atmospheric shots. Not to say the movie is constantly moving, joking, and action, it takes time for slow moments and to focus on a character and how they are feeling which is greatly appreciated. I think the biggest part of the movie that I liked was the characters! And boy howdy did I have a serious issue concerning these characters, not because of the movie but more the reaction of the movie. Oh they ruined the Grinch, they made him less hateful and more relateable, they made his backstory sympathetic, blah blah blah! So? Get over yourself. Yeah they make him a bit modern but let me counterpoint this. "Well they made the Grinch less mean and made him more relateable!" And? You got 3 different versions of the character, you can move on I assure you. So what if he actually likes his dog? He's a dog person!! He can't exactly be all bad if he has a dog! And I think of it more in this movie as a Pinky & The Brain relationship, yeah he gets annoyed at Max and is still a grump but there's still that spark of love in some form. If Brain can shed tears over Pinky then the Grinch cannot be a total jerk to his dog. "Well they made his backstory sad and even relateable which goes against his character!" Yeah because the Jim Carrey version in NO WAY made his backstory sad and even a bit relateable and on top of that was a real poor reason why he hates Christmas but no please continue this symposium of the betrayal of a beloved literary character because this movie is where all the issues really come from!!

I'm gonna take a minute, that actually really pissed me off, that was pure anger. Just let me compose myself.

Ahem. But no seriously this movie really ruined the character above all other things because why would we like something new you fu-

Okay. I'm cool, I'm fine. I just get a little peeved when people can't accept a new take of a character that isn't....all...that...bad. Breathe. Breathe.

He's not a bad character! He's more of a non-social character and actually I do like the fact they did another Grinch special based around Halloween because it showed his love for Halloween and contempt for Christmas which is something I identify with completely, but there's nothing wrong with his characterization. It works for the movie, it's more about the redemption of the character than the character himself, like Scrooge you see him as a crumudgeon then you see the transition to a cheery fellow. And they did it very well. And I swear, and I'm just gonna say this, this is the best Cindy Lou we have ever got, I mean when you compare personality to just....a young girl, and an albeit good natured girl who's the only decent person in an entire town, this one really comes out on top. In fact all the kids are nice, and I am not a fan of kids in any fashion real life or media. So good job on all the characters, great job on the animation, the comedy was sort of for lack of a better word Tex Avery to me with chase scenes, humor straight out of a Roadrunner cartoon, and few jokes that made me roll my eyes and groan that will be dated in 5 years time. But honestly that's the most bad thing I can say about this movie, 2 gags aren't going to age well. They did something new yet familiar, and tried and succeeded in making a good movie. So...ffffffffffinally we get to see The Lego Movie 2 this Friday and I'm very excited about that. If you wonder why I'm only doing 2 reviews this week I got a reason, may not be a good reason but it's a reason which I will post on my Twitter tomorrow. You don't need to follow me, I never really post....anything on social media but if you really need to know, tune in!

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