Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Godzilla: City On The Edge Of Battle

And all the title does is remind me of City On The Edge Of Forever, a pretty dang good Star Trek episode.

Well in this one they build the world a bit more but it's essentially the same movie. After waking up the big daddy of all Godzilla's, our heroes try desperately to create a new plan to defeat an even more overpowered and fearsome foe while also discovering more about their previous home. I think I'm getting used to the animation style cause it really didn't bug me that much and in some scenes looks downright excellent, I'm pretty sure I've come to the conclusion that Godzilla should have this animation style but not the humans, it just works better because he isn't a character that moves all that much! But in it's stead I'm split on the discovery of possible human descendants, that have a subterranean kingdom. Now I'm fine with a new twist on the twin fairies and Mothra, though you don't see her at all, but the intrigue quickly stops and their more often than not shall we say cryptic dialogue feels more like needless padding. This movie is almost 2 hours long and for a movie that has an almost identical plot to the last that was a bit over an hour and a half I fail to see why you couldn't trim this a bit. Now the new stuff that is introduced is interesting....on the page. A new subspecies is discovered and has ties to Mothra, it leads nowhere and becomes padding. The humans construct a Mechagodzilla, it spins off into a deus ex machina that doesn't even work. Now I got to go on a brief tiny smidge of a tangent here. These have been out for awhile, several years in fact, and not long after this hit on Netflix I heard about this films Mechagodzilla. As a city. Now that already is the stupidest ****ing thing I ever did hear, but the movie doesn't help with it's explanation. So let me get this straight, humans build a Mechagodzilla and on top of that a Mechagodzilla we never actually see....okay. It gets blowed up by Godzilla, then we fast forward 20,000 years where apparently it turns into the T-1000 because it's made of liquid metal, absorbs other creatures, and fashions a city and I guess just twiddles it's thumbs until humans turn back up. Whaaaaat?? My God that seems very haphazardly slapped together doesn't it? Oh and apparently they had to tease the next movie and talks about a greater evil from beyond the stars so Yuuzhan-Vong confirmed for the next movie I guess! And I gotta say though I of course take it with a grain of salt, the ratings for the next movie does not fill me hope for a saving finale. But we shall see.

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