Monday, February 11, 2019

What Men Want

I'm gonna be honest this movie has the worst posters I've ever seen for a movie. I mean there is nothing to them.

But aside from that little nitpick how was the actual movie? I liked it, it's fine, nothing great but nothing terrible either. Do not let the ratings on IMDB sway you, it has a 3.8 rating on there with the majority of users putting it as a 1 or a 2. No. ****ing Manos is a 1 or a 2, Alone In The Dark is a 1 or 2, not this movie! It's hilarious, the user reviews are either bottom of the barrel or 10s across the board, like really? I don't think they know how ratings work. The movie is a 6 or 7, it's average but nice. If you've seen the trailer you know the movie and, yeah it does fall into some cliches here and there but the movie is totally fine. If you wanna see it go see it. What I liked about it was the performances and not so much plot, and I'm pretty sure you would feel the same. Taraji as Ali is wonderful, I absolutely adore her and would see any movie specifically just to see her in it, she's funny and can do the drama and is gorgeous to boot, like seriously that woman deserves every bit of love and accomplishment she gets. I like Aldis Hodge as her boyfriend, I think they make a good couple and can get some laughs in with the romance. Josh Brener as her assistant Brandon is...marvellous, very funny and very loveable and really bounces off Taraji like a pro. But my absolute favorite character is Ali's dad played by Richard Roundtree, he has so much warmth, love, compassion, and wisdom, like we are talking Bridget's dad competition he is that outstanding and every scene with him in it is my favorite scene. The comedy is fine, my absolute favorite joke I dare not spoil just keep your eyes on the psychic's cards the first time round, and I gotta say most of my laughs came from Ali's 0% putting up with anybody, she has no problem cussing out anybody and it's beautiful. She will kick your ass and enjoy every minute of it, I mean talk about hardcore! So yeah, it's more the little things that I like than the comedy scenes or the story, the characters are what brings the enjoyment factor. Plus the soundtrack isn't too shabby either, it's pretty much hit after hit and even the slow more jazzy instrumental music is greatly appreciated, I mean I love that stuff to the moon and back. I mean if I was being completely objective I would just wait until it hits Redbox then rent it, not unless you are really interested to see it but it's a decent movie like I said so just remember to take opinions with a grain of salt. Cause they could be talking straight outta there ass! But not me. Would I lie....?

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