Thursday, January 31, 2019

Daphne & Velma

Well shit, that was actually really good.

I mean with the track record of live action Scooby-Doo movies, I was wary of this but at the same time I was interested to see it. A Daphne and Velma solo movie, totally original. To a fan that's something incredibly new and boy did that transfer through the entire film. It is so new and in a franchise like Scooby-Doo the bits of innovation and formula breaking are incredibly welcome. They really do fashion a whole new sort of world for these characters and make new characters. Daphne is a world trekking, intelligent girl who fully believes in the supernatural and has a penchant for aliens. Which is absolutely hilarious in some scenes! And Velma is so new yet so original, it really reminds me of the Mystery Incorporated character because she's kind of a rubbish people person and really is more of that lone wolf nerd in highschool, she's a technical genius that actually shys away from her intelligence. That's something we've never seen before. And it doesn't feel forced or a trope, you can buy that these girls would be the way they are because of their environment they live in. It's pretty great, and the movie continues being something new to the series. Daphne has just moved to California and has taken to a new highschool that borders on almost cult-y due to their love for a tech mogul who actually beta tests all his new inventions which I could argue all day due to safety of students but the visual look is something all it's own. This is the most tech savvy school in history, (not)hoverboards as a regular means of transport, drones used for cameras, interactive phones directly linked to their education placement. It's a technological wonderland which sets up the sort of out there world further pushed by the comedy. The comedy is great, I was shocked how much dialogue actually got me to laugh a touch loud, it's a joy to watch. But slowly student after student suffers from well for lack of a better word a brain drain, sending our young detectives to unravel the mystery. A weird sort of opinion I had but I swear this movie would be so at home on Netflix, like really from the credits it felt like a Netflix produced movie that possibly could even be a series. If you watch it you might catch on to what I mean, but this is seriously a movie I would have watched in highschool, enjoying a lazy fall day just watching this. And the movie is a touch ridiculous but honestly with this bizzaro world they made it didn't feel out of place, everything worked very well in this movie. Also PS. The girls are great in this and I would have no problem seeing them again in another movie or even a series, they did mighty good! And another odd note I must contribute is during just a brief brush up on the movie, it was actually compared stylistically to a movie called Ghost World yet another film I've never seen but it has my girl Scarlett so I might check it out soon. I don't know, I just absolutely loved this movie, I loved the updates and sort of a clean slate for these characters, the humor was aces for me, I liked the semi-ridiculous style they did, I just, guys this was really surprisingly good! And if I'm being embarassingly honest, I....wouldn't mind buying it. I know it's the fan deep inside me, but I digged it man, it was such a pleasant and fun surprise from a grim and skull peeling start. So trust me, I have nothing but love and respect for this film. If you got kids who really love Scooby-Doo or if you're a fan who wants something new, give this a shot. You may be surprised as I was.

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