Wednesday, March 8, 2017

King Kong (1933)

New Kong movie this week? Well I think it's time don't you? No more monkeying around!

King Kong is one of the most groundbreaking and timeless tales in movie history. It combines, action, fantasy, and romance with outstanding stop-motion effects by Willis O'Brien and has inspired countless filmmakers and special effects creators. So plot time, a movie director is currently making a picture and hires a young lady to act in it as they travel to the mysterious Skull Island for a few shots, only to have it be more than they bargained for. The entire island is like a microcosm of prehistoric dinosaurs, and a giant ape heralded as a god by the natives named Kong. The film crew is in danger, the young actress Ann played by Fay Wray is taken captive as a sacrifice for Kong, yet Kong for some reason takes a great curiosity and liking to her and takes her for himself. What follows is unbelievable fights between the film crew and the various monsters on the island and my personal favorite scene, Kong fighting a Tyranosaurus Rex to save Ann. It is almost too good to be true. But soon Kong is captured, brought to New York City (What could possibly go wrong?), breaks free, rampages through the city, finds Ann and climbs the friggin' Empire State Building to prove his utter dominance. Oh my God. There is a reason why this is a classic. Not only is the story imaginative, the acting done very well, the special effects being mind blowing, the great and expansive musical score, among many other aspects, I think it's just the strange yet endearing romance between Kong and Ann that makes it that more special. Now the movie isn't perfect,  I have to admit the actual filming in the film is...a bit hokey. Granted this was made in the early years of sound movies so it can go a bit odd but nothing that ruins it, it just makes you tilt your head at moments. Plus the racial stereotypes are a product of their times but you still can't commend it for it's realistic potrayal of asians and ugh, tribal people. God I feel bad just typing it! But beyond those poor choices, it's a great movie. Definitely watch it if you never have before.

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