Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Babe Pig In The City

That was a great sequel.

Yeah...not many people know about the sequel to Babe. The first was a succesful film, not a blockbuster but a succesful film, went on to win an Academy Award for best effects but then, that was it. No one asked for a sequel, and yet somehow I have no fathomable idea how, it got a sequel that went straight to video 3 years after the first! And it's a really good movie, I could even argue it's better than the first but that still needs some thought. So the movie picks up right after the first with Babe winning the competition for sheep herding, but all is not well on the farm afterwards. Arthur gets in a bad accident while fixing his well, leaving him bedridden from his injuries, the bank is ready to take the farm, so Esme and Babe have to visit a world fair to gain money to save the farm, but even that doesn't go well. They miss their flight and are stuck in a massive city, where they seek shelter in a hotel where they keep an abundance of animals of all kinds, even apes. Through too many events to recount and explain, some very heavy and emotional, and one I'd have to warn you could be very traumatizing to your child which involves almost an attack on the hotel where all the animals are captured and put into a facility. Pretty much the most heavy scenes are that scene and the one before, I won't spoil it but it does make you go "Jesus movie, what the heck?" but afterwards when Babe rescues the animals and has one of the most creative and imaginative climaxes to a movie you will ever see, it does have a very happy ending. The characters from the first return full swing from all the animals to Arthur and Esme Hoggett, with famed voice actress E.G. Daily who you might remember as Dottie from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure or Tommy from Rugrats, voices Babe in this movie, but we also get some new characters. The apes are great, with an orangutan who might be my favorite character in the whole movie, and the landlady of the hotel who is without a doubt my favorite character in the movie played by Mary Stein is...incredible. I love her performance. It is unreal how good she is, and I swear I'm the only one who truly loves her in this movie. I'm probably going to lose all credibility as any form of critic when I say this might be my favorite performance of all time. I am so not even kidding. She is that great in my eyes, just the way she carries herself, how fastpaced she talks, and how much she gives to a relatively small character in the grand scheme of things must truly be commended. I think that's why this might be my favorite performance because she takes a role barely bigger than a cameo and brings so much energy and appeal and surprisingly good character development to it, that she really does stick in my mind. I love her in this movie! Hardly anyone has seen this movie and it is highly underrated in my eyes, I could see why someone might like this movie better than the first or they like the first one better. They didn't have to make this. No one was asking for a sequel to the movie Babe. But they made it, they didn't treat it like a cash grab or didn't put a lot of effort into the movie, because they did! They wanted to make a good, entertaining, and wonderful sequel to a great movie. And they highly succeeded. I still have my tape of this movie, still watch it, still love it, still held high in my memories. Give this movie a shot, and please don't tell me I'm crazy about Mary Stein because she deserves so much credit for this.

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