Saturday, March 25, 2017

It's Our Two Year Anniversary!!!

Huzzah! Another year of reviews, it doesn't really seem like it but hey I guess that means I'm enjoying it. I actually loved how I reviewed Power Rangers the day before because last year I reviewed the fricking animated Batman and Superman Movie, on the exact same day as the anniversary by the way. I don't know just seems more awesome that I reviewed Power Rangers. Oh, and I forgot to tell you somethimg in the review! I was walking back from the theater and I noticed there were these I kid you not, colored crystals. I picked up two blue crystals on my way home. So does that mean I'm going to be like Billy Badass from Power Rangers? I'm fine with that. Kinda makes me want to walk back and scour the land for other colored ones, it just seemed so surreal to find these like colored gems on my way home from Power Rangers. But anyway, what will we do today? Last year I did my top 20 films, but that was in accordance with my 100th review, not the anniversary. So this year I am rectifying the situation and will give you my top 30 television shows, since well this year has had a good chunk of tv show reviews, and no doubt will there be more. But...I am actually going to split the list up. I am a huge fan of animated shows and live action shows, so it would be very difficult for me to make a blended list of shows. So you get two lists for the price of one on our 2nd anniversary. 15 live action shows, and 15 animated shows. I don't think I'll add anime to the list cause well, we have to start this list sometime, and that will just open a whole nother can of worms, so for today it's just animation from my little corner of the world. It'll take some time to think, but I promise both lists will be put up today. Thank you so much for reading my reviews, here's to another year of it, and enjoy!

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