Saturday, March 25, 2017

Top 15 Animated Television Shows

Oh God....why must this be so difficult?? I could literally go on and on with cartoons but I can't. So let's do this.

15. The Boondocks - Hilarious. This show is hilarious. I cannot get enough of it, it really is a great show.

14. The Clone Wars (2008) - When I heard they were remaking The Clone Wars I hated the idea. We already had one and it tied together perfectly. But now with like, Rebels and all that it really does work better. It's very expansive, and actually makes it feel like a war for the galaxy. So, I was wrong.

13. Justice League - I include Justice League Unlimited in this as well, just because it's a part of the show. Classic DC characters do what they do best and build upon previous incarnation and make their own world in the process. And really, isn't that what comic books do?

12. Rick And Morty - You want to talk insane? Watch this show. You want to talk about comedy? Watch this show. Holy shrimp this show is out there, but in the best way possible.

11. Ruby Gloom - It's such a sweet little show. Criminally underrated, and needs to be seen by many more people. I am in love with this show.

10. Samurai Jack - Jack is back, and his show still kicks ass! Slick, stylized, and 8 different combinations of awesome, this show never will cease to blow my mind.

9. Teen Titans - I love this show and Teen Titans Go but the original takes the cake. Outstanding character development, a style unique to itself, and all the elements of an unbelievable kids show.

8. Pinky And The Brain - YES! Need I say more? It's Pinky And The Brain!! Brilliant writing, brilliant voice acting, brilliant comedy, this show has it all. And all shall watch it once I take over the world!

7. Looney Tunes. Classic.

6. The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy - One of the most creative shows you will ever see, dark humor, surreal visuals and a Jamaican Grim Reaper! Hell yeah.

5. Courage The Cowardly Dog - It may have scared kids including myself but the show has this amazing hypnotic power, always lots of fun and will have you scream with delight.

4. Regular Show - A surprising gem to be found, with great characters, outlandish situations stemming from everyday problems, and tons of laughs and joy. This show is a lot more than what it's name suggests.

3. Adventure Time - Dear sweet Christmas yes!!! Came out of left field, laid my ass out with it's awesomeness! Watch this show!!

2. Batman The Animated Series - Wow. Just wow. Good job guys. You made one of the best animated television series of all time.

1. Scooby Doo - Which one? All of them. My absolute favorite cartoon show of all time. The first I ever saw and probably the last I will ever see. It made me the person I am today. Thank you Scooby-Doo.

Well, that about does it. Wraps it all up. That was a lot of fun, and I hope you enjoyed reading it. See you next week, goodnight everybody!

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