Thursday, March 23, 2017

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie

Oh man, this movie is a riot! do I explain this? It's not a good movie's so enjoyably cheesy and ridiculous, it's kinda hard not to like it. Now I have to admit, since I was born in 1995 I wasn't a Power Rangers fan very much, my cousin Megan was though. She saw this movie in the theater, huge fan, watched the show with her many a time. She was the hardcore fan, so really this review is dedicated to her. She basically introduced me to the series, and I did own this movie on VHS and I watched the show on Fox Kids way back when, I remember it was watched often. To a little kid, this is a great movie! They can get into it real quick. I do not hate this movie by any stretch of the definition, has faults. Mostly hilarious faults, with such a 90s look and feel, I'd almost dare say this is a timecapsule of the 90s. The plot is basic but it's what they add in, sort of supplemental material besides the plot is what makes this movie the true rare gem it is. An ancient evil has been unearthed and Zordon calls upon the Power Rangers to destroy this evil before he, you guessed it takes over the world. About as bare bones a basic story if there was one, but it defies words how this movie is. You have to see this movie in order for me not to sound like a raving moron. It's so out there. This is one of the most impossible films I have ever had to talk about. All I can say is, it's Power Rangers. I know that's like, the worst thing I have ever written and is my worst review. But how do I explain it? It's Power Rangers. Now let's change subject here and talk about the more intricate parts of the movie. First off, many of the same people who both starred and worked on the show, worked on this movie. Believe it or not, this movie was made while the original series was still going on, so it went: a few seasons of the show, movie, then immediately back to the show. I can't even think of another example of that! But the main cast is great, in that beautifully flawed cheesy way, with one liners, 90s references, and sometimes slightly off deliveries but by no means is that a bad thing. The fights are actually, believe it or not, fantastic. The fighting choreography is spot on, very well done and quite impressive, with lots of creativity and style, albeit with some ludicrous and hilarious moments. Easily the second best thing in the movie. What's the first? The villain, Ivan Ooze played by Paul Freeman. This is amazing. I have never seen a villain as funny, or even fun as this guy. If there was ever a reason to see this movie beyond it being a Power Rangers movie, it's this guy! He was the most entertaining part of the entire movie, he is awesome! Now the negatives, the cgi is terrible. It's terrible. But I cannot seriously complain about it because of the budget the movie had, it was slighly above the budget for the tv show so I'm not expecting Pixar quality of animation. Which does make me wonder why they didn't do a tokusatsu style approach like they did in the show, with guys in elaborate costumes duking it out over a model city. I know it had to seem flashier and more of a spectacle but I loved those elements from the show. It's funny how Power Rangers was basically a low budget martial arts show with nothing but stock footage to go off on, and yet took the world by storm like Pokemon did. Man the 90s were awesome. And yet over twenty years later it still has a big fan base, it's still popular, it's still remembered fondly by so many people including myself. You better believe I am psyched for the new movie tomorrow! It's Power Rangers!!

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