Friday, March 31, 2017

Ghost In The Shell (2017)

Huh, not bad!

The newest Ghost In The Shell movie is out and it's pretty good. Now keep in mind, this is an adaptation, not a remake of the original classic. Actually what really surprised me before I even saw the movie was it wasn't a strict remake of the movie, the film actually combines elements of the original 1995 film, and the tv show. You see why I reviewed both of those this week? The plot takes more basis from the movie than the show, with the Major being placed in a cybernetic body and is after a mysterious cyber criminal, hell it throws many nods to the movie, like the famous fight scene in the water, the frickin' spider tank, and many others but also uses sparse elements from the show, like the robotic geishas and the main antagonist is named Kuze, just like the boring ass antagonist from the second season of the show. So it shows they did their research and wasn't just going for a quick cash grab. There's even a nod to Cowboy Bebop near the end, which I thought was really cool. The film itself is heavily visual, with a very futuristic look but my God does it go full Cirque De Solei with it! The original movie and the show, while futuristic was very grounded in reality, the cars were basic, and the more I think about it, besides the cybernetics added to human beings it's pretty much like how it is now. Not in this movie. Welcome to hologram city! Where everything needs to look super flashy and impressive for no reason whatsoever! Seriously, why make it look so in your face? I found the basic city in previous installments much more interesting to look at. The music is very techno, and I dig that stuff like crazy, so soundtrack gets a big thumbs up! Now onto the cast! Now personally I never thought casting Scarlett Johannson was white washing, cause in the show and movie (Man I say that alot in this review) she looks caucasian! In fact...hardly anyone looks asian in them, so I never got the issue. Now in say Doctor Strange with the Ancient One, yes I see the point, but not with this. So everyone did their job well, the Major is obviously the center point but the guy they got to play Batou is pretty good, and the Chief in this is actually pretty friggin' badass! So cast did good, Scarlett who I still love was great to see in another movie and of course I look forward to her next one. Final sum up, good movie, obviously not for everyone, but if you're in the mood check it out.

Well that's all folks for this week, next week we got some things to look at, including a season of one of my favorite new shows, that has been in my opinion far far overdue.

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