Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Oh my God!! How did I do that? 52 episodes in 4 days?? Oh, my head...

Whew. Well I did it, another one checked off the list. Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex was the follow up to the original two feature films of the Ghost In The Shell franchise, taking place about 6 years after the original film, with Section 9 still hip deep in cybercrime with the Major still leading the force. Now I have to admit, it's two seasons long for the whole series and, the first season is vastly superior. The second one just kinda sucks, but only story wise. Okay time to back up, rewind! The first season deals with a super, mega, ultra, grade A hacker known only as The Laughing Man, and it's the overarching story for the first 26 episodes, it occasionaly springing back up. This season is awesome. With lots of memorable cases besides the story arc ones, fascinating ideas, and tons of great aspects that made this show as popular then as it is now. The second season delivers everything that you came to expect in the first season, outstanding animation, top notch voice acting, great action scenes, and memorable characters but then...the story happens. The whole damn season focuses on this whole refugee revolution happening in a district of Japan, with this mysterious figure even though we learn EVERYTHING about him throughout the season unlike The Laughing Man, who we don't even know his real name. This season sucks. The story sucks. Everything else is just as good, but my God does it drag story wise. True, we get an occasional epsiode that adds more character development to certain teammates, that is completely fine. I like those episodes a lot! But this, Les Miserable bullshit with corrupt government officials and a main antagonist who we could care less about, destroys this season! I think they knew to, cause they released a movie (Which I am not going to review, it was a miracle I got this done by today.) to fully cap off the series. So just stick with the first season, my batteries are burnt out on this show, watch it or don't, just be cautious with that second dosage. I will see you guys on Friday for the new movie. Where's my bed?

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