Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Hail To The King: 60 Years Of Destruction

After watching that new trailer so many times and rewatching some Godzilla films lately, this popped into my head and I really wanted to spread the word about it.

I think, and this seems pretty definitive, this is my favorite documentary ever. And I've seen my fair share, I've seen Woodstock, 101 Biography Channel presentations, many making of film documentaries but this one really hit a chord with me. It's told from the perspective of a podcaster Kyle Yount, hardcore kaiju fan and Godzilla connoisseur as he treks to Tokyo to see how the japanese population is celebrating the then 60th anniversary of Godzilla. 65 years now and still going damn strong. And I think the reason why this is my favorite documentary like ever is the fact that, it doesn't just state facts for the record. It isn't a seminar on how the 1954 movie came to be and the subsequent impact on culture throughout the decades this series has made. It has passion to it, it's done in a loose but still highly professional manner and showcases both fans and creators in nothing short of a loving, respectful, and engaging fashion. It's not trying to be anything else than what it is and show the dedication and immense love held by the fans of this genre, tokusatsu. And the amazing part is not only does he interview and spend time with fans in a restaurant, or talk with an independent film director, he somehow...I don't know how got to sit with Godzilla acting alumni and talk with them about their involvement and appreciation for the films. That, is incredible. I was seriously shocked when I first saw it and are still just stunned watching it now. And this was not an official documentary. This was fan funded, independent, limited number of cameras, but because of the participation of fans in the production it grew into more. It's such a strange example because you have so much Toho material here, on YouTube 100% free, and yet it isn't officialy made by a television or news company, though I'm sure Toho gave it a stamp of approval. That just never happens. But they do it admirably and shine a light on various bits of culture peppered throughout, and not just focus on the monsters. Hell it could be argued it's as much a love letter to super sentai as well as kaiju, there's some love to your Ultraman's and Kamen Rider's. It really is a celebration of the whole genre as much as this film series. It's very genuine, you can tell there's a lot of passion, a lot of commitment, a lot of enjoyment, and man you just can't beat that. I know documentaries have as much production as movies, Christ even more than movies but it still feels real and free of bullshit. Big thumbs up from me, 4 stars, 9/10! Whether you just like Godzilla or have more than just your toes dipped in the water, give this a watch. At just a smidge over an hour, you can't lose much.

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