Tuesday, February 9, 2021

The Wolf Of Wall Street

Don't do drugs kids.

This is a fascinating yet greatly fun movie to watch, and I'm genuinely surprised I haven't touched it yet. The first time I saw it a friend showed it to me in college and I could hardly believe what I was seeing. It was such an outrageous comedy but what I find infinitely more interesting is it's true. It chronicles the meteoric rise and fall of Jordan Belfort, a man who slowly works his way into Wall Street and completely loses his mind. It was the 80s after all so the excess was real, and the tales of copious amounts of sex, drugs, and sans rock and roll are nearly impossible to believe but if you were alive during that time and perhaps even in such a line of work no doubt you have tales to be told as well. It's odd thinking of this as a Scorsese film because of it's steep comedic material but he did a great job with this. Leo I feel really has only gotten better and more entertaining roles as time went on, and I'm very happy he really shed that romance stuff off and did tons more than just that. But I feel Jonah Hill was the star for me, and I can't even explain why he was just wonderfully cast and attributed good comedy. Friggin' Matthew McConaughey, I feel he was almost criminally underused but really I can never complain when he is in a movie, even if it is garbage. Of course I can't forget the presence of beauty that is Margot Robbie, hey girl, always happy to see her and not just because of the more obvious reason you filthy animal. But the film doesn't shy away from more intense stuff, I mean proper uncomfortable upsetting shit. I mean any time I see parents fight over kids, that's hard to watch. There's so much absurd and downright extraordinary stuff that happens yet it never loses that edge in reality and the downer of it all. It's a very good film, maybe not so much on a technical or storytelling aspect but through sheer entertainment, and I can respect that. I give it 4 stars, 8/10! This and next week will be short of reviews but we'll get back to normal I promise.

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