Monday, February 15, 2021

Donnie Darko

Is it bad to say I've seen weirder?

I've heard very few, like count on one hand few, opinions on this film and I really just caught it on television and decided to watch it. I very much liked it, and from the few views I have heard all accounts point to a very strange, very weird movie. However, I wasn't that phased by it. I've seen films that disturb me more, I've seen films that make me question a lot more, I've certainly seen films that befuddle the ever living shit out of me, but this isn't one. The story follows a young teen named Donnie who has psychological issues and is told very bluntly by his imaginary friend that the world will end in 28 days, and we mainly follow his regular day to day activities with time jumps and even a countdown timer. He doesn't necessarily believe it but things keep happening that are more than just coincidences. I got to say this is the most laid back and enjoyable armageddon movie I've ever seen. The cast very much is what centers the film, I know some people give Jake Gyllenhall good grief but he was mighty damn good in this movie and is the best performance I've seen him in. Jena Malone does very good work though the romance could be said to be rushed, in this movie I really couldn't complain. Drew Barrymore and Patrick Swayze pop up in supporting roles which is great, and you know without Drew this film would not have hit theaters at all so my thanks goes to her for helping fund this movie. This might be sort of an odd comparison but I got Blue Velvet vibes from time to time throughout the film, mainly the opening but it felt sort of David Lynch which by the by is no bad thing in my book. The comedy is sparse but very distinct and actually did get a laugh out of me, the more dramatic parts are executed well enough, the proper odd stuff doesn't feel slapped on but incorporated throughout, it's a decently made movie. Now I'm not one to delve deep into meanings of movies, there are far more intelligent people who can voice their opinions superbly, so most of the time I look at it on face value. The ending was certainly different, and had great mood to it thanks to the soundtrack (PS. The soundtrack is actually amazing.), but even I couldn't help but think something still lingered in the character's minds right before the credits roll. You'll know what I mean when you see it. So I didn't try to divulge some deeper meaning behind it all, I can appreciate that kind of work but that doesn't necessarily mean I do it a lot. If I feel there is something there, I dig. But I still had a good time with it regardless, I'd very easily give it 4 stars, a solid 8/10, you should see it at least once before the end just to have your own opinion.

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