Thursday, February 4, 2021

This Is Spinal Tap

Alright, that was Spinal Tap.

I get the fanbase, I get the love, consider me a fan. I knew for a long time I was going to sit down and watch this and it really didn't disappoint, I mean I've heard quote after quote from this movie and if I have learned anything is that, good comedic writing is easily quotable. I've heard many people unsure of whether or not this was a real band or a real documemtary about the formation and history of a rock band, and it no doubt has a foot firmly in real stuff that has happened but it's too funny to be real. Art imitates life that's facts, but I have to say regarding the fact a lot of this movie was ad-libbed and such striking and memorable mishaps occur, and not even to mention the fact I knew it was a mockumentary waaay beforehand makes it obvious to me. But think back in 1982 when this hit, you'd really have no clue if they were on the level or not. And I like the fact the movie takes it's time before getting funny, it starts out like many a footage of backstage and band interviews to gauge you for the stuff coming ahead which lends to the reality of it all. I have to give an immeasurable amount of credits to our leads, not only did Michael, Chris, and Harry contribute so much to the script (or lack thereof), but that's really them thrumming out riffs and singing away. You just wouldn't see that level of skill, and I throw zero shade at modern fictional or non music stories whether it be Bohemian Rhapsody or A Star Is Born, but Spinal Tap man. What a different metaphysical beast this is. This week went the perfect way, each subsequent movie improving on the laughs, and I know there's a 1001 other music movies out there, God knows how many during that surge after Walk The Line came out, but I searched for more traditional rock and metal stuff and couldn't find a lot. These were just some of the most prevalent I've heard of. But I'm thoroughly happy with what I saw and can accept I probably won't get a major motion picture biopic about say Tony Iommi or Ronnie James Dio or even Dave Mustaine, some things are just better in books than on screen. Regardless, damn good movie. 4 stars, 8/10,  I should probably go to 11 but IMDB beat me to the punch already. 

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