Friday, February 26, 2021

Let Him Go

Yeah I've sorta seen it before, but I still liked it.

I don't think any groundbreaking storytelling occured in this movie, but I'd be lying through my damn teeth if I said I didn't get very invested and very much enjoyed the movie. The basic story of loving family member trying to rescue loved one from psycho family is nothing new, you've no doubt seen something akin to it. But man, it took 12 minutes for me to get into this film and I was with it till end credits. Which I mostly attribute to the powerhouse royalty that is Diane Lane (my love and admiration for her knows no bounds), and Kevin Costner who I think has set himself up pretty good acting career wise. Okay so, basic gist. Two grandparents are trying to retrieve their grandson after witnessing both him and his mother be abused, as it sort of becomes a hell bent scenario with them travelling abroad to find the boy's whereabouts before meeting an albeit stereotypical but nevertheless serviceable brutish family led by the matriarch, and tensions rise before it kind of goes home invasion/revenge flick. Now despite a forseeable plot, the film does not do a bad job setting up the emotions, the tension, and the payoff. In fact it does a pretty good job, I could have clocked out at any moment and not lost a bit of plot but it just goes to show how well they really wanted to make this movie and it does pay off. I wasn't expecting Hitchcockian suspense and immense bloodshed (though full honesty I was shrieking for blood after seeing that boy and his momma get hit), but the elements presented are done pretty damn good. I believe Diane and Kevin as a couple, a real couple even, you know they don't always agree but their love and dedication to one another even in an extreme situation as this, is felt. They try to bring a touch of depth and give them character, and I say good show. Lesley Mannville really got this part and brought her A-game, again going for more than just a cookie cutter villain which I can appreciate fully but it really is exactly what you imagine. Best character was Peter though, that boy was grand and I really love the actor, Booboo Stevens after seeing just this performance. The film has gorgeous scenery in it, fully utilizing the nature of Montana and North Dakota to make some impressive shots. The genre though is hard to pin, it isn't really a suspense movie or a thriller, there's tension yes but nowhere near the slow burn or anticipation building of staples of those genres, you might even be led to believe it goes full shootout near the end as it becomes a war for this young boy, but again not very true. You get some blood for sure, but not neccesarily a body count. I guess the umbrella term would be a drama, and when you see the film you certainly will agree. Hell I'm probably not even the first person to make the joke of, plot twist this was a prequel to Man Of Steel the whole time! But what a wild shift that would have been, they bugger off to Kansas, change their names to Martha and Jonathan Kent, and raise the last son of Krypton when he crash lands on Earth. I would have been upset not seeing this in the theater if that occured. But anyway, enough of my geeky ramblings. 3 stars, 7.5/10, admirable work for a recognizable story.

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