Monday, February 22, 2021

Talking Trailers

I do not recall ever really talking about trailers and it is good to have your opinion on record to compare when you actually see a movie, plus I wanted to do something new so I might as well. We got 3 trailers to talk about that I have seen recently, each having a strong impact on me so let's discuss.

Mortal Kombat (2020): I hated it. Which is so dang weird because when I heard they were doing a new live action Mortal Kombat film I was interested. A hard R rating? Cool looking production stills? A chance to talk about the 90s films? Far out man. And then the trailer happened. Shite. It lost me very early on when the narration stated they were hunting a fugitive and then Sub-Zero popped up and I was just like, huh?? How is he a fugitive? Then they said superhuman abailities and I lost a lot of hope, because the trailer seems like it's trying to do this semi-realistic take on Mortal Kombat which I find to be unforgivable. Just go mental with it, don't try to pin some superhero-esque bullshit like you're expecting Superman to appear, they tried that shit before and it was not pretty. Not to say that the character designs weren't cool, they look pretty grand, and the gore looks legit, but it's the actual elements of the plot that have me seriously dreading this movie. I think they're even gonna pull some nonsense with this Tom Dick nobody being the main character and not an actual person from the video games, which I am praying with all of my might is not true. I don't want to hate it but this trailer has inspired little hope.

Cruella: God I am gonna get so much shit for this. I'd rather watch this than Mortal Kombat. I really am very interested in seeing this. First of all, Emma Stone you have the biggest balls in Hollywood today to say that you are taking up this role after Glenn Close, I mean you have all of my respect for taking it on. Second I heard a lot of people say the trailer had Birds Of Prey/Joker vibes and while I can slightly see it, I feel it's an unjust and ultimately naive label to put on this movie. This looks like such a different beast, because it's not a live action remake. It's a character piece on a Disney villain, which I know they did with Maleficent but even then this looks so different. I don't need to know why Cruella DeVille is the way she is, but she's entertaining regardless. And I for real for real have zero idea what they are going to do with it. That's why I'm so genuinely intrigued to see it. It looks actually kinda cool! So yeah, sign me up for this!

Godzilla Vs. Kong: Ooh. Ooh momma, hold on now. Gotta take a minute. Whew....holy f***!! It's happening, footage has been released! So much to talk about. Great effects, good buildup, I wasn't gaga for the soundtrack but truthfully the Monsterverse has always had such interesting musical choices. 2014 Godzilla had the 2001 A Space Odyssey theme, Godzilla KOTM had frickin' Claire De Lune, Kong Skull Island had Bad Moon Rising, so it has variety if nothing else and we'll probably get some more brilliant music choices for another trailer. It was very Kong centered, I like the relationship with this little girl, we see some other new monsters he fights, but come on man. Godzilla man. Yo, I changed my computer desktop to that neon filled city shot with Godzilla in it, I'm such a damn nerd but how could I ignore such a gorgeous shot? The action looks stellar, Godzilla may be a bad guy which I really love, the reprise of the 2001 theme brought me back to 2016 when I was constantly watching Godzilla, I seriously cannot stop watching this trailer. And to hell with all of you who side with Kong. "Kong bows to no one.", bitch please he gon' learn today! Last movie wasn't called Godzilla KING Of The Monsters for no reason, thank you very much. One shall stand, one shall fall. I trust you'll make the right decision.

Hopefully I can keep doing this, just a sort of trailer roundup of the stuff I've seen and my initial reactions. I had some hot takes for sure but I speak my mind truthfully as always. So I'll see you for a new review later this week.

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