Thursday, August 20, 2020

Terminator 2 Judgement Day

Alright, I shall concede.

I not only would say Terminator 2 is superior to the first movie but is one of the few sequels that are better in every single way. All the elements that were birthed in the universe of the first Terminator movie are not only expanded upon but I think done better, I mean no shock there this movie had a severely improved budget and we were nearing an era of unprecedented special effects. I mean this movie hit before Jurassic Park and proved that we have the means, we have the technology, we can do something big. And don't even ask how in the moons of Mars they pulled half these CG shots off, it's downright absurd how good it still looks today. Shit, if I'm being really honest it looks better than 90% of movie's effects today. It might as well be magic, and by God do I miss those days of movie magic. So where do we go after the arduous battle with the T-800? Well the war is still kinda going in 2029, mark your calendars and buy stock in Apple everybody so we can die, and our band of resistance meatsacks sends a reprogrammed T-800 back in time after Skynet sends a completely unheard of model, the T-1000, back to not only exterminate Sarah Connor but her son John. So we meet up with the hero of the human race who turns out was a wiseass street smark punk back in the day, as very quickly the chase is on. We meet up with Sarah who has got major PTSD after the bullshit she went through last film, and the trio set out to destroy the company that unwittingly crafted Skynet while desperately trying not to get shanked by a liquid metal Robert Patrick. It's pretty spectacular. I mean already the movie throws you for a curveball and takes a similar but drastically different plot synopsis of the first movie, the action is still some of the best I've seen and you can sure as hell tell it's real, the actors are all given good material to work with in particular Linda and Arnold. I could probably make a case that Arnold gets the award for acting in this, because it is a stark contrast from the first, with him getting into conversations, learning human emotion, and developing a personality throughout. Don't get me wrong, he was really friggin' good in the first movie but he obviously gets a lot more to do in this. Linda Hamilton is just like, f***ing go big or go home, my God is she going for it and succeeds spectacularly! Her character gets more developed, and her performance gets more developed. I am here for it. I know some people give some good grief to Edward Furlong for his performance, but I bought it, I loved it, I thought he totally had the attitude and personality of a street smart kid and you can tell he really does give the performance his all. Easily one of the best young actors I've seen. But good sweet lord, so much was riding on Robert Patrick in this movie, and it payed off in aces. That's some of the most brilliant casting I've ever seen, he's not physically imposing, he blends in a crowd, but the dread has been turnt up to 11! Arnold scared me just a wee bit in the last movie, but here? I'm out. Ju-nope. That is like, all the nope. F*** me, is his performance golden. He can play the role of a police officer but when the pendulum drops, game over man, there is nooo way you're walking out alive. Perfect. Absolute class. I'm trying so hard not to spiral down the rabbit hole of trying to figure out these special effects, I can't believe how well it turned out and I could watch hours of documentary footage on this and still not have a clue how the T-1000 came to life. So I'll just move on to final scores. 4 stars, 8.5/10! And there was never another Terminator movie again, the end. The story's done, yeah we could take a Ian Malcolm stance on it and say that in the case of Skynet, "Life uh, finds a way." but come on, they introduced and tied up the loose ends for a reason. We had an arc, we had closure, it wasn't an insult to my intelligence, that's it. Bye-bye, I'll see you next week for....something.

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