Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Wayne's World

Absolutely brilliant.

I had slight reservations with this movie, I didn't really think I would go for it as much as I did. Then I got about 10 minutes into the film. F***ing class! It's been a minute since I saw a film this hilarious and just pure fun. Which is odd because the comedy style of the movie, I've practically been watching for over a decade on my various review shows, very absurd humor but written and executed flawlessly. I mean hell, this movie genuinely does feel like a film made by some friends who create fun little videos online, it's a very approachable and specific form of comedy but it's awesome. Now when I tell you the plot you're gonna be thinking, that's it that's all it's about? But just roll with me and trust me. The movie is basically about two friends, Wayne and Garth, who run a cable access show from their basement, and a complete yuppie money grubbing asshat tries to steal it to promote his own business. Oh, they don't go into this long winded and overly involved plot about getting the show back, they barely go through the trope of Wayne and Garth stop being friends. Literally when those plot points happen, there's maybe 20 minutes of film. They don't have that kind of time so they just move on. Beautiful. Why can't more movies do that? I had a wild time with this movie, the performances are awesome, the comedy is absurdly great, and the music selection got huge approval and love from me. With one exception. I felt attacked, betrayed, and triggered something fierce when they couldn't play Stairway To Heaven. I was LIVID over that! I know it's based on true facts but how dare you? Bastards. I didn't think this movie was going to be bad by any stretch of the imagination, but I also didn't expect to just love it as much as I did. When I understand this humor and these characters on a personal level, like I've had many a friend like these dudes and it was scary accurate on top of that then you got me hook, line, and sinker. 4 stars! 8.5/10! Problem now is, I'm genuinely scared to death of the sequel and hope it's actually good. I felt I needed to finally watch these movies especially with (if the gods are willing and kind) Bill & Ted 3 hitting theaters, so expect those movies next week. Fingers crossed on all fronts here people.

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