Tuesday, August 25, 2020


Well this sucks.

A sudden turn of events has ensured my missing of Bill & Ted 3. Turns out I'm not just moving to a new place, I'm moving from south Texas to east Texas. I'm almost packed for the big trip but it will mean not a single review will come out this week. I don't want to do the first 2 Bill & Ted movies then not do the third and have to pick it up later. It sort of defies the purpose. And I've been so busy I hardly have time to even just plan what reviews will hit for the rest of the year. Except for those big events I keep alluding to, and it's high time I reveal at least one of the big ones. It's like I knew this was going to be a rough year so I took precautions and have had this sitting on my shelf for...5 months roughly. So I'm just gonna say it. Next month, Marvel. All of them. From Iron Man to Endgame. Spoiler alert, my opinion has not changed much about the MCU now that I have watched them all. So from the first of September, one a day every day, until we hit Endgame. By my count about, 22 movies in a row. The longest marathon I've ever done. No doubt will hit 700 reviews during then. And after that monstrosity, business as usual come October, another big project that believe it or not I've been holding onto since January of this year, then some Christmas gifts to me and once again to hell with your cheer and merriment. Goodie. Yeah I'm totally not going to be shanked in the streets after next month. What?? Noooo. Everyone's gonna love it. Fuget'abou it! Let the good times roll. Don't crucify me, I (sorta) like living.

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