Thursday, August 13, 2020

Wayne's World 2

Oh thank God this was good!

I didn't want it to be just as good as the first, I didn't want it to be better, I just wanted it to be good. Turns out it's just as good as the first, though I would say I prefer the first movie more. But it's close, very very close by a gnat's wing. After the surprising hit of the first movie Paramount wasted no time getting this sequel out by next year, yet it doesn't feel rushed. The production is still good arguably better, the writing and performances are still really damn good, and the story still feels like Wayne's World. So we pick up a year after the first movie and things are going well for everybody, Wayne and Garth are still running their show, Cassandra's career is going strong, and even Garth gets a lady friend. I will however concede they do the smarmy music manager is trying to steal Cassandra plot point again, apparently they wanted Rob Lowe to come back but he declined and so of course, they get Christopher Walken for the role. I'm not complaining. At all. But it's certainly a new role I've seen him in. In fact, I was stunned completely rigid at the star power in this movie. True the first movie had good ol' Al Bundy, Rob Lowe, they even got Alice Cooper which was pretty rad, but in this movie...good God I lose track. Christopher Walken, James Hong, Charlton Heston, Aerosmith, Heather Locklear, Kim Basinger, Harry Shearer, Drew Barrymore, it's absurd how many guest star cameos they got in this movie. And each part is memorable and performed well, which is never an easy thing to do in writing. The film still has it's unique style of humor which still works to great effect, but this time you can tell they had a higher budget so they could do more stuff. They did homages to Thelma & Louise, Jurassic Park, the big plot point of hosting a Woodstock style concert (complete with the bad acid reference), they even go out of their way to do almost a complete recreation of The Graduate's ending. Which believe me, I was flipping out over cause I just wasn't expecting it at all. There's so much I want to talk about but obviously can't go through the movie point by point, so speed round time! James Hong is the man and gives an incredibly fun performance with a cute tribute to absurdly choreographed martial arts films. Christopher Walken gets to tear up a dance floor and my God is it glorious, I can forgive the repeated plot beat just for that. Friggin' Jim Morrison is in the movie, not played by Val Kilmer but a fairly good potrayal nonetheless, which that in and of itself was a treat cause The Doors are easly my favorite band ever. Maybe I should review Val Kilmer's The Doors movie, it sounds interesting enough. I really had a great time with this! I wanted a good movie and I got a pretty awesome movie, it's entertainment fluff yes but when has that truly been a bad thing? If you have a good time with it, and accept it for what the movie truly is, then you got something good on your hands. 4 stars once again, 8/10, I would fully recommend buying these movies and personally can't wait to add them to my already obnoxiously large collection.

Alright, this better work. Next week, Bill & Ted. For the love of the moon and stars above I hope the movie actually gets released on time.

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