Monday, April 16, 2018

Suicide Squad Hell To Pay

Well that was interesting.

The new animated Suicide Squad movie, DC's 4th unnecessary R-rated movie. Yeah, yeah, I pick on their R movies but mostly it's useless and not much has changed this time around. But regardless, it's a decent movie and while granted Assault On Arkham was better in my eyes (despite the rampant fanservice), I still enjoyed and had fun with Hell To Pay. This time around, the Squad is delving into the more occult corners of the DC universe chasing after a literal get out of hell free card for Amanda Waller, while battling off Randall Savage, and Reverse Flash, while meeting more obscure characters in the DC library like Dr. Fate and Knockout. And really how bad can a movie be where the Suicide Squad goes on a mission in a Winnebago van? I feel the trailer was a bit misleading though, it set up this Quentin Tarantino Grindhouse look and feel and the movie didn't deliver. True it delivered ridiculous amounts of blood and violence, but beyond that the R rating did not need to be put here. Beyond one brief glance of a naked lady it could have been PG-13 like the last one! Sorry, sorry, I rant about this but you know I am right! Urgh, moving on. Cast is good like always, though Tara didn't sound that healthy this time around but I hope she's okay, all the characters were done correctly and we got some new team members which I appreciate, there was no nonsense or added side stories, though some story elements were kinda dropped but they did a good job. The animation still holds their normal quality, it was cool seeing the Squad go beyond Gotham or Central City and surprisingly no Bat in sight this time round but this movie doesn't need Bruce, it delved into more obscure and lesser known characters which of course I must commend, the story was interesting and engaging from beginning to end, all the cast was good as always, it ties in with another movie I reviewed from the DC animated library, so I give it....3 stars, check it out. We got some more new movies that just hit video so stick around for those and it's always good to meet up with the Squad again.

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