Saturday, April 14, 2018

Hannibal: Season 3

Hannibal always makes my life happy when I watch it.

The (hopefully not) last season of one of my favorite shows of all time. What's interesting about this season is, it combines story elements from both the movie Hannibal and Red Dragon. The first half is Will on the hunt for Hannibal after the grisly end of the last season in Florence, and the second half takes place three years later with Hannibal incarcerated and aiding Will in the case of Francis Dolarhyde. It's difficult to say which part is better, but I feel the Red Dragon half is better because the first half wraps up all the story threads from last season so you can fully focus on what is happening. But....the best part, arguably in the whole series is as simple of a scene as you can get, but it's perfect. It's after Will has been hunting Hannibal for awhile, gathering information about Hannibal's past and the two of them sit in an art gallery and discuss their relationship and where they stand. Dear sweet Christmas it is perfect. I can't even nitpick that scene! I almost say watch this season just for that scene but I do highly suggest you stick around until the very end. It was sad to hear this show got cancelled but at least it had a conclusion, it wasn't a Firefly situation and I desperately want it back in my life. The characters are wonderful, it goes less psychological in terms of hallucinations and dreams but the artistic elements are full force with allegory, metaphors, and symbolism. Every episode has something worthy of framing and hanging on your wall. Granted, the only bad thing I can say is I barely like any of the characters. Besides Will and Hannibal, everyone else has gotten bitter and super bitchy (and that's putting it nicely) and I'm really hoping for their death. But even I have to say poor Chilton gets brutalized so much it's almost sad. Almost. It is super nifty to see these potrayals of characters in familiar settings like in the movies. It's like watching the movies again from a new perspective. It's a great series and always makes me smile only the way a cannabalistic serial killer smiles. And yeah, remember how I said Game Of Thrones ain't got nothing on the previous finale? Even I'm 100% sure they don't play the clip show of the Red Wedding time and time again in the next season! So you get to relive that emotional trauma again and again, joy of joys. But all jokes aside, it's a sad but good ending for a show that will come back and I will be ready a thousand times over to see Hannibal again.

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