Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Scooby-Doo Meets The Boo Brothers

Man this movie was more packed than I remember!

So much happens in this movie it made my head spin, but it's still fun. The Boo Brothers is a busy yet good movie taking place during Shaggy's red shirt phase, after the gang originally parted ways and introduced us to the character everybody loves to hate, Scrappy-Doo. Shaggy has learned of his uncle's passing and is left an inheritance on a plantation, so Shag and Scoob head down south to gain the inheritance while solving riddles, avoiding the most diverse and heavy opposing forces of monsters I think in the entire series history, and try to escape the hijinks of the Boo Brothers. Now don't get me wrong, I had fun with this movie, the myriad of monsters add great variety though it makes one wonder how in God's name one guy did all that, I mean seriously if I tried to list them all I would be here all night! And even with the ridiculous number of opposing forces, the chase scenes are fun, the humor has good timing, and Scooby and Shaggy still are the focus. It would have been so easy to get sidetracked with these wacky side characters but they did good. This movie is heavily comedy focused, the Boo Brothers are literally stand-ins for The Three Stooges so you get lots of slapstick humor and wordplay, but the real laughs for me came in the animation. The reactions to some things are so funny to me and for a TV movie in the late 80s, the animation team need to be commended. Plus watching Shaggy have to brush off a boy crazy girl is the high point of this movie for me, it just slays me! And then Scrappy. I just, ugh. I doubt even owners of those annoying tiny yap-yap dogs who got a real bad attitude and think they are bigger than a literal great dane like Scrappy. Nobody likes him, and yet he's helpful to the plot. The horror. Regardless, I like the mystery and the riddles are legit good riddles, and despite the overhaul of monsters this is a decent entry. It's perfect for a slow afternoon watch, good for young kids, and was a decent trip down nostalgia street for me.

Tomorrow, we have probably the funniest Scooby movie I have ever seen in my life and only saw it last year. So tune in for Scooby-Doo Frankencreepy.

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