Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Hannibal: Season 2

I blame you Bryan Fuller for making me feel emotions!!

After long, long last we return to Hannibal. I know it's a matter of opinion which season of this show is the best, but to me it's this one. Every facet and aspect of season 1 has been built upon, expanded, and improved. Hannibal is the only show I've seen where it knows it is a visual medium and takes it to incredible levels. It's such a rich series, with beautiful cinematography, editing, and compositing. You know how you go into a bookstore and they have these huge books, "The Art Of (insert title here"? Whether it be Blade Runner 2049, or Ghost In The Shell it has purpose and meaning, not everything deserves a book solely devoted to the art of that particular subject. But Hannibal does! It deserves practically an Academy Award, I've seen entire films that don't take such time and effort into visuals as one 45 minute episode of this show does. Needless to say I do love it very much, but why? It takes liberties with the stories but doesn't insult it, the characters are still as they should be and are tweaked slightly but it's to enhance the story they are telling, every case is interesting in it's own demented macabre way although more emphasis is on the overall story than just the case of the week. In fact, there's only one thing I can nitpick at and it's at a character thst I despise! Freddie Lounds, oh boy do I hate this lady. Now I'm sure her actress is a lovely lady, but this know exactly the kind I refer to. It's the character you so desperately wish to die and yet they persist on and on, she is the bane of my existence and she should be dead five times over or more! It seems she meets a serial killer everyday before brunch and yet comes completely unscathed every single time. I just don't understand. But it's kinda the point, you're supposed to hate her. But I seriously digress. Because we have good characters, great characters, slightly campy characters, and dumb characters. Not to bash the story but there are some lapses in good judgement to carry the story on. But ehat is the story you might ask? Well, Will Graham has been incarcerated for multiple murders seen in the last season and he desperately tries to prove his innocence for at least half the season but he soon gets out and sets his sights on taking Hannibal down but still holds a deep bond with him that could prove disasterous to his life. Of course Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen are still top form as always, bringing depth to the characters while expanding on their previous performances. And yes, I do ship murder husbands. And the ending is rough. It is emotional. You can keep your red wedding Game Of Thrones fans, it's like they watched that epsiode and said, let's make it harder to watch. And they do. Now I don't watch Game Of Thrones and that was a suspenseful and hard thing to watch, but this makes it more emotional and graphic to be honest. I never saw much blood even though those stabbings man. Jesus. But this tops it, it's heartbreaking before the blood starts pouring. It is not suspense, but emotional breakage that it focuses on. It's rough man, and yet it still holds more than just shock value, the music is gorgeous and the visuals are unforgettable, and it just ends with you desperately wanting more. Which saddens me even further how the show goes, but that is a discussion for later this week. Again, not for the squeamish or the passive but still holds much to be admired and loved. I am simply dying for more.

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