Friday, March 9, 2018

A Wrinkle In Time

Well it was better than I expected!

I don't know what I expected from this movie, but it wasn't half bad. The story while basic leads to some pretty cool visuals and quite touching emotional moments. The story centers around a girl named Meg and her brother Charles who after 4 years of losing their father, a genius scientist who experimented in dimensional shifts is discovered by 3 guardians of light who help the kids find their dad. First stop, visuals. Now I have to say I expected this to get far out man, like that bad LSD trip from Doctor Strange level of trippy-ness but they reigned back and made it much easier to follow while still showing off some fantastic effects. Visuals from the worlds to the wardrobe is 10/10 easy. Acting is also quite good, the kids actually feel like real kids and Charles is my favorite human character, my favorite I guess...meta-human is Ms. Whatsit played by Reese Witherspoon. Oh my God she was perfect, absolutely loved her. In fact all the Misses were very good, and the parents especially Chris Pine did put legit effort into their roles so it has to be applauded. Music though, kinda horrible. It's pop music, and the worst part is it feels so shoehorned in and barely lasts a minute so why have it? With a movie that deals with interdimensional travel to alien planets, you would expect the soundtrack to be very orchestral with a lot of electronic components thrown in, and the absolute slap in the face is they do it! Right before the movie ends. Are you dead sucking ferious right now? No. Fail. Moving on, it's a fun and entertaining family movie, it has enough spectacle and color to hold kids interests and the story makes them want to stick around, so it can be a fun family night out for those of you with youngins, but for people like me, it's a decent movie that is worth seeing once but I know this movie can capture the imaginations of children and honestly, isn't that what Disney is great at? So a good way to end the week, but God help me next week. Why do I do this to myself? Ugh, next week I'm doing Tomb Raider. All of them. Oh hello alcohol, I missed you!

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