Thursday, March 1, 2018


You know, for a parody of Star Wars I quite like it.

There's some good humor in this movie, and the story does go on it's own course while still hitting Star Wars moments throughout. The story involves an evil galactic government trying to steal an entire world's atmosphere, while meanwhile the princess of said world escapes marriage, is captured by the evil government and her father asks the help of a mercenary to find her. It's a decent story, with good humor, and fun characters! Best part of the whole movie is Rick Moranis, that guy is amazing in everything. It's also great to see John Candy again, so it was just good to go back to this movie for me. I especially like how the story is it's own but still hits Star Wars bulletpoints, if memory serves this came out just after Empire Strikes Back so it takes advantage of the new material. Hell I've been hearing these jokes and references for years and it took me so long to go back to the source but I was not disappointed. I was just watching little clips of Mel Brooks' movies and I wondered if I did any of these movies, and I didn't so I had to correct that mistake fast! This week was one of the most fun weeks I have had doing reviews and I hope for those of you who have not seen these movies to check em' out and have a ball like I did! I look forward to seeing you all next week for more adventures in cinema. See ya later!

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