Sunday, March 25, 2018

It's Our 3rd Year!!!

You thought I forgot huh? 3rd year friends!! I'm kinda speechless I've been going for this long and have barely lost any steam. And we got oh so many movies to see and talk about, good and (unfortunately) bad. In fact....I sense a month of bad movies in the not too distant future. Because the sooner you talk about Twilight, the better life will be for everyone. I'm not ready though. I never will be. It would be interesting to do a series of drunk reviews! But we will cross and burn that bridge in due time. This week it's all about the video game movies. GOOD video game movies!! And after that, we have some movies to look back at and some unfinished business concerning my first reviewed shows. So always something new to talk about, and I'm happy I can do this every week. It really does bring me joy and hopefully brings good and underrated movies to light. Some people have asked me, why be a film critic? Everybody is a film critic, what makes you so special? And I have discovered a very long time ago the best movie critics don't push their opinions out because oh, I'm right and you are wrong and that's it. The very best movie critics have such passion and love for movies and not only want to recommend but just love to talk about movies. I love movies, I love talking about movies, I couldn't ask for a better dream job. Film in general is a gamble. From making a movie to watching a movie it requires a bit of risk. I watch movies so I can say oh hey, this is a great movie and you should totally go check it out! You gamble your free time on seeing a movie, that is where we come in. Of course no critic is correct, art and opinions are subjective, I saw Leap as a disappointing rehash of a story with some unique elements. Others can see it, accept what it is, and enjoy it. I know I'm talking out of my ass and no opinion really matters, but the opinion is just part of it. The love for movies is what drives me, but regardless I am thrilled I have a diverse audience. You know I got like 12 people in Russia who read my stuff? That is the coolest thing ever to me! I just try to write my best, say what I feel, and try not to write 50 pages worth of a simple review. Honesty is key, you gotta be blunt when it comes to a movie's faults and accomplishments, so I try to do that. I of course love doing this, thank all that read, and hopefully entertain as well as inform. 3 years and still going, what more could I ask for? And here is to soooo many years to come!

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