Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

A solid entry to the beginning of a trilogy.

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes is surprisingly a great movie. You know, this is like the one film franchise not many people have seen nor know much about. I mean people have seen the original movie, but beyond that not much. And there's what? 5 or 6 sequels to the original Charlton Heston movie? No one has seen them. So it was kind of a gamble to do a prequel to Planet Of The Apes. And I think it paid off in aces. So the movie has James Franco as a scientist (just go with it) developing a cure for Alzheimers, and tests it on apes which makes them highly intelligent. An ape gives birth and sadly is killed, while her son now born with an advanced intelligence due to the medication is adopted and raised by Franco and named Caesar. Through the years he becomes more intelligent, even able to do sign language but sadly he has to be given to an ape sanctuary, and then Malfoy turns up. Yeah I know his name is real name is Tom but come on, he's Malfoy and he is a diiiick in this movie. Yeah, he abuses Caesar but he escapes, finds the smart juice, pumps the apes full of it, and we got ourselves a revolution. Now people might be saying, well how on earth do the apes win? We have guns, and the military, but the film actually does have a reason. I really like this movie, though action is sparing if barely existent it's awesome, it's more about the journey and character of Caesar than anything else, and I firmly believe Andy Serkis deserves awards for his potrayal as Caesar. Dude seriously is what makes this movie amazing. Bravo sir! But...he's not my favorite ape. That honor goes to Maurice the orangutan. Why? Well, he's the smartest ape. Yeah, smarter than Caesar. He already knew sign language long before he met Caesar, then he got the smart juice and became even more intelligent, I'd almost say Gorilla Grodd intelligent. So yeah, he's my favorite. I know this is an odd thing but really this movie is pretty good, like you should totally rent it and watch it. I don't even know who this movie's target audience is! But you should go see it! So tomorrow we pick up on the next movie.

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