Sunday, July 30, 2017

So Here's The Deal....

Okay, I've been thinking it through yesterday and I'm still not sure when to take my break to plan ahead for the rest of the year. Cause there is at least 3 movies I want to see in August, but there's also movies I want to see in September. So I think I'm just gonna have to not take a whole month off, but maybe 2 weeks instead. I'm going to review The Dark Tower on August 4th, and then I'll be back on August 18th to review Logan Lucky. Then there isn't anything new until late Septmeber with Kingsman The Golden Circle, so I would probably review the first Kingsman movie on the 20th of September. You see the dilemma here? Unless I split my month in half (which I really don't want to do) I'm not going to have any time to plan for the rest of the year. So do I just take two weeks off to get some work done then push through the rest of the year, or take two weeks off come back get some reviews out then leave again until October? Oh my God, I forgot about October! This year's October is not going to be all horror movie reviews. Cause Bladerunner 2049 hits October 6th, and I would like to review it and the original Bladerunner. Damn, 2017 is a year of firsts isn't it? More than 3 new movies to see, October is not all about the horror movies, and I don't get to take September off to plan ahead. I got to figure out this break stuff, I don't want to take two breaks but I need that time. School is starting back up, I think I need to do it. Damn.

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