Thursday, July 27, 2017


How it all began. The mother to the summer blockbuster.

What a genius idea. Make a B-movie monster movie about a shark that is attacking a small island community, and have three main characters to hunt the beast down, all with a big time Hollywood budget. Damn Steve, you really know your stuff about movie making. I don't think I need to say much about Jaws because it's such a well known movie, with good acting, great effects, and less an emphasis on special effects and chomping down on people but more about characters and family. That good old fashioned Spielbergian glow. Okay, so this movie hit in the summer of 1976, before Star Wars took over the world leading to a multi-million dollar flick about a shark. Crazy idea, but Steve went full out in production, filming half the movie in the Atlantic Ocean, dealing with a picky animatronic shark that barely worked, and having to tell the story for the most part without showing the monster. Now our three main leads are all excellent, but Roy is what holds this movie together. His casual and down to earth feeling makes the film surprisingly believable. Richard Dreyfuss is certainly the more comedic side of it, and yeah there is comedy in this movie but it works and works well. Robert Shaw is the antithesis of Richard Dreyfuss's character, serious and deranged but on the other hand has a nice singing voice. It's funny to think the most famous and acclaimed shark movie, barely has a shark on screen for not even 5 minutes in this 2 hour adventure. But if you haven't seen it, I'd probably wait until the winter where you don't want to be in any massive body of water. And even then you probably won't even want to sit in the tub. 4 stars, check it out!

And tomorrow we look at the new spy thriller set at the end of the Cold War, Atomic Blonde. Sounds like another B-movie if you ask me, like Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman or Creature With The Atom Brain. Movie titles are weird.

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