Friday, July 7, 2017

In Retrospect: Power Rangers (2017)

Yep, this movie is still pretty good!

I love Power Rangers, it takes the most absurd things and pairs them together but still takes itself so seriously. It reminds me alot of the Adam West Batman show, and the movie still has that aspect. It doesn't have half of the sheer cheesy awesomeness of the original show but it does have it in small doses but still takes itself incredibly seriously. People compare this to The Breakfast Club meets superpowers, but I find that sort of unfair. True it has elements, troubled teens slowly learning more and more about each other and becoming good friends, but I find much more to the movie than a semi-Breakfast Club clone. I really enjoy these kids, and yes Billy is still the greatest in my eyes, and I can surprisingly find myself more easily attached and liking these kids than the originals from the show. Don't get me wrong, they're cool, they're nice (a little too nice), but something about the kids actually being you, teenagers with attitude and real problems just gets me very interested. I want them to become the Power Rangers and save the world. It is still great to have Bryan Cranston as Zordon even though he is mostly used for exposition but then again, isn't that what Zordon was like in the show? So I guess I can't complain too much there. I can still complain about Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa though. Just....doesn't seem like Rita to me, she still gets a bit over the top and yes I do agree she poses a real threat but, something about the casting choice doesn't rub me the right way. Also, what is up with recent movies having more organic looks and feels in movies? Now let me be perfectly clear, I LOVE the suits! They are incredible! They look just right, classic but updated. I like the Zords, they basically still look like giant robot dinosaurs so I can't complain there, but the Megazord It looks so flimsy, and stupid. It doesn't look like a robot built of smaller robots. It looks so alien, I mean I know that's the point but it just doesn't scream giant robot to me. Also, that is not Goldar. Just wrong. He's like a friggin' ape in gold armor that has wings, a flying monkey from Oz in kickass armor. Not a giant, melty, boring gold monster. But I still freaked right the hell out when I saw Tommy AND Kimberley side by side in the same scene. Like whoa dude. I love fanservice. Yeah, I'm a grown man and I am proud to own the new Power Rangers movie. If you're a fan you would probably buy it anyway, but if not you could rent it and give it a shot. It's a fun reboot to a beloved nostalgic series. What's not to love? Well the criminal underuse of the theme song makes me sad, but small potatoes! Until next week, friends.

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