Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

I daresay this movie is significantly better than the first.

So Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes takes place, I think 3 years after the first movie. Mankind has been whittled down to almost nothing, the apes have built a civilization for themselves, but all is not well. A small human cell is planning to take out Csesar, and even there is dissent in Caesar's world. I mean the world is a post apocalyptic wasteland, no power, limited supplies, it's a very grim time for the humans. But not all hope is lost, a family has been seeking peace talks with Caesar in an attempt to you know, not start a war. But if the title of the next movie tells you anything....yeah, it didn't work. There is a lot of internal struggle between opposing factions in this movie, and surprisingly you genuinely want the apes to win. I mean the humans are (mostly) asses, and yeah not all the apes are goody two shoes either, but you see what an honorable leader Caesar is so I have no problem saying the apes rock! It's a lot more drama filled movie with great action scenes, more in depth character development, and it's just a superior film to the first. I actually do not have predictions for the next movie, none at all. I am going in totally blind tomorrow, and I am excited as hell!

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