Tuesday, July 25, 2017

In Retrospect: Ghost In The Shell (2017)

Yep, still really enjoy it!

Ghost In The Shell just hit video, and of course I bought it. It's still an enjoyable movie, that although might not hold much in terms of deep thought and reflection as the original did, that's not really the purpose. Some people ask what's the point of taking media from different parts of the world and "Americanizing" it? Well, sadly there are people in this world who would not view Ghost In The Shell because it is from Japan, or even just because it's animated. Because CLEARLY there is no such thing as mature, thought provoking, and even intelligent animated media! Who could be crazy enough to dream that up?? This is the world we live in man, it isn't perfect but it does have it's shining moments. And for an american retelling of the incredible anime classic, it does a decent job. The characters are basic iterations of the movie and show counterparts, the action which is surprisingly low is still done very well with great use of slow motion, the cinematography is beautifully crisp and clean creating a Blade Runner esque environment which I quite enjoy on my second viewing, acting is decent all around, and the movie may just be a watered down version of a classic, it's purpose was to appeal to a mass audience and not the (albeit) less underground anime fans. A decent movie for those who may not feel the need to view the original. But hey, even in the eyes of this critic it's pretty good, even if I did just see it to view Scarlett being amazing as always.

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