Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Okay, this may be the first CGI film from Disney that I saw and actually wasn't gaga over.

I mean don't get me wrong Zootopia has an interesting idea, good characters, pretty standard plot compared to other animated films from Disney, but it was just good. It wasn't great like Inside Out was to me. Am I happy that I saw it? Absolutely! Would I buy it? Probably not. The plot is the most lackluster thing about the movie, which follows a bunny named Judy aspiring to be a police officer in the grand city of Zootopia, she finally gets there only to find that not many people believe in her abilities. She soon meets a hustling fox named Nick, and the duo soon finds out that maybe Zootopia isn't actually the utopia it is said to be, so our heroes must solve a world changing case in order to save Zootopia from being in ruins. Pretty damn standard, not much special to it besides the animals and a surprising allegory of racial issues. Yeah you heard me, a Disney movie that deals with racial issues! I can hardly believe it myself, and they do a good job of it culminating in a lesson that you would teach your kids at a very young age, that no matter what people look like you have to treat them on basis of character and morals and not outward appearances. Sounds like a friggin' preschool special but credit where credit is due. Would I recommend Zootopia? Eh, maybe. Depends if what you have seen from the movie tickles your fancy or not. It's a good movie but not something that is considered one of the most memorable and greatest Disney movies ever made, at least in my opinion. But hey, maybe you'll see something more in it than I did so if you want to see it go for it.

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