Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Gotham: Season 1

I'm shocked I haven't talked about this show yet.

Okay you guys know how I'm an absolute Batman geek, and this show has quite honestly split the fans. Some people hate it and say it butchers the mythos and that the entire premise is stupid, while others just praise it for being a good show. I'll give you a million bucks if you can guess where I stand. This show is awesome! It follows in the footsteps of Arrow, the acclaimed DC television series following the origins and adventures of Green Arrow but in Gotham, it's set when Bruce Wayne is a kid and more focuses on how Gotham came to be the way it is when the Batman begins his crusade on crime rather than just another Batman origin story like how Batman Begins was. The show just finished it's second season and the third is not too far behind but today we will focus just on the first season. And really, it's a good show for Batman fanatics like myself but also for people who are not that much into the Batman story. You can watch it and still roll with it, like you don't need a diploma of caped crusader history (Which I really think we should have in colleges nowadays.), you can still watch it and enjoy the show. But to us Batman fans it has it's fair share of easter eggs and references to all things batmania. Now the story starts with surprisingly the death of the Waynes, and I thought they might have saved that to the end of the first season but hey we needed to start somewhere! After that, the city starts falling to madness where people get in crazy costumes and start doing bizarre crimes that our two real main characters, Detective Jim Gordon and Lieutanant Harvey Bullock have to deal with. Now almost every episode is kind of you know, the freak of the week where somebody is commiting crimes and our GCPD heroes have to deal with it, but the show is very involved with lots of side stories, character development, twists and turns, among much much more. I'd say it's a show you cannot watch leisurely because well one: it gets intense, two: it's like a crime show so you have to pay attention, and three: you just get hooked on it! By the third or fourth episode I was like, okay this is my show now. And you know what, I only have one problem with the show and even then I can get over it, so pretty much Jim gets a love interest and it screws hard with the mythos of the Batman universe and it pisses me off but then they are just so darn cute together I just....awwww!! Yeah, anyway if you want something a little different from the crime shows you're watching now, Gotham is a sure fire winner. Favorite character hands down is Edward Nigma, and the best part was it was a constant flip flop between Edward and Oswald Cobblepot. Like my God they steal this show for me and make it so enjoyable! Alright now I'm fanboying on you a bit so I better put a stop to this before it gets out of hand. I'd give it a watch if I was you, yeah it may not be for everyone but how are you going to know unless you watch it for yourself?

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