Friday, June 3, 2016

Office Space

Alright, I need some relief from work so why not review some work-orientated comedy movies?

Needless to say Office Space is a hilarious movie with a cult status. It is the most relatable movie, quite possibly ever. It centers around three employees of a computer customer service company (Try saying that 3 times fast!) who get sick of going to work and decide to do a little less than honest buisness practices. Now the plot deals with a bit more than that, and perfectly so because it's about as real as it gets. If you've known anybody who works at an office, whether it's the workers, the boss, the people who hire employees, whatever, this movie gets it down perfectly. Everyone is great in it, and everyone should see it at least once in their life, even if it's just to say thank God I don't have an office job. I'm just wondering how they made a movie this good based on worktime experiences that people hate, cause they make that stuff funny and maybe that's why it was such a big hit. Because people could relate to the characters in this film, you may not be able to see yourself in movies like Star Wars or Jurassic Park but you can see yourself in Office Space and that's why it's so popular even today. I say give it a shot and see if it makes you laugh or even relate to it, it's certainly better than being called in on Saturday.

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