Saturday, June 4, 2016

Horrible Bosses

What the hell, why not? It's an awesome movie and it deserves reviewing.

Horrible Bosses is a hilarious movie centered around the one thing that everybody thinks about at least once, murdering their boss. You're a liar if you say you've never thought about that, everybody has had a rubbish boss at least once. So our story follows three friends, each of which have their own horrible bosses and they soon get sick of it and decide to kill each of them. Hijinks and comedy ensue. Simple plot, but the comedy and the characters are what saves the film from mediocrity. I'm actually really happy this is a rated R comedy and not PG-13 cause they can do so much more with an R rating. Like Jennifer Aniston's character is this complete slut who constantly hits on this guy and gives whole new examples of sexual harassment for years to come, and it is the most hilarious part of the movie because they could go all out with the dialogue and the situations. And any film that has Kevin Spacey in it is immediately awesome (Except for Superman Returns.)! You really can't just talk about this movie, you need to see it to understand why it is so funny. I was hesitant about the film when I saw the trailers, but eventually I sat down to watch it and I greatly enjoyed it. A damn good comedy, with memorable scenes and an all star cast. What more could you ask for? And that is it for this week viewers, thank you so much for tuning in. Next week, I really want to hit up some more recent films cause there's actually a bit out now that I wanted to see so to Redbox we will go...

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