Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mr. Right

I friggin' love this movie! It's the closest thing to my movie idea that I have ever seen!

Okay so Mr. Right is a romantic comedy about a girl named Martha played by the stunning Anna Kendrick who is the epitome of an adorkable mess (Yes, adorkable.) who meets this dude who she falls in love with who is also a hitman played by Sam Rockwell who is a flipping badass. They meet, go out to dinner, throw knives at each other, shoot some people, all in all the perfect couple. Like, Anna Kendrick is just dream girlfriend to me in this movie, she is WAY too perfect. And Sam Rockwell is....Sam Rockwell, out of his mind, the most badass dancing skills ever, and fights almost identical to Spike from Cowboy Bebop and he even explains how his fighting technique is accomplished. Awesome! It may seem I'm gushing about this movie, and I am!! It's amazing, and I need to buy it and so should you! I am so biased right now, but that's the power of this movie man, it makes you love it. Just a terrific, hilarious movie that should be seen by more people even though it is rated R. I am psychotic about this movie! Watch it, love it, buy it. In no particular order.

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