Thursday, April 14, 2016

Rocky Horror Picture Show

You knew it was coming. The definition of a cult film, a campy film, and a midnight movie.

How does one describe the Rocky Horror Picture Show? Uh...imagine the most sexually confused, hilarious, and all together weird film ever made with exquisite music, terrific acting, and probably the most original story ever told on any screen. It's not easy to talk about, you really just have to experience the movie. Now roll with me on this story cause it makes sense when you watch it (kinda) but it sounds insane when you describe it. Okay so the movie starts out with The Criminologist played by Charles Gray who recounts the case of Brad Majors and Janet Weiss and the events that happened on that dark and stormy night...ooooohhh!! We then meet our main characters and I got to admit they are really cute together, but on with the plot, they get a flat tire in classic horror movie fashion and end up at a friggin' castle! Well of course. And then all hell breaks loose, they meet weird although awesome characters, music, murder, and mayhem ensue and at the end it's kind of a bummer. But what a great film. Now several things come to mind, firstly who the hell could you get better than Tim Curry? Like, holy smokes this is him at his best! He just puts so much life and energy into the character, it's astonishing! Second, it's kind of hard to pick my favorite song. I mean, the whole soundtrack is beyond words kind of amazing but I think my favorite would either be the entire Floor Show, because every song goes hand in hand or The Time Warp. I know, I know, it's everyone's favorite but it's kinda hard not to greatly enjoy it. The whole soundtrack is just a cornucopia of emotions, ranging from happy, hopeful, raunchy as hell, fun, and even sorrowful. I love this movie to death, it gets weirder every single time I see it, and it could always use more fans so go see it! Hell even if the film doesn't sound anything like your cup of tea, give the soundtrack a shot, I bet you would like at least one song!

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