Thursday, April 7, 2016

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Dear God this movie is still a riot to watch.

This is the funniest Star Trek movie ever, but not in a bad cheesy way I mean the genuine hilarious way. The film was directed by Leonard Nimoy and he really had fun with this movie! Our story follows the events of the third movie with Spock fully returning to the crew, meanwhile a mysterious probe is travelling to Earth with a mysterious encoded message. The crew soon pieces together the message is in fact for humpback whales. Yes the movie has several messages of communication whether misinterpreted or lack thereof, and environmental protection. For in the 23rd century humpback whales have been extinct due to massive whale hunting, forcing the crew to actually time travel back to the 1980's to locate two whales and bring them back to their own time. A good story with an admirable message but the film's true stride is in it's humor. This movie had me rolling, even after watching it so many times. For the most part the humor comes from the dialogue itself, but it actually has some physical comedy like slapstick and chases like in a Benny Hill episode. And it works. You really do enjoy the jokes and the dialogue and never once feel like it was forced. That's great comedy writing to be certain. I think my favorite parts are when Spock curses and when Dr. McCoy deals with 20th century medicine, that makes the whole film to me. This is the most fun Star Trek movie you will ever see, and I highly recommend it. Tell me what you think, and next week is kind of a mystery. I have nothing really planned out so I guess we'll see what happens...

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