Saturday, April 16, 2016

Young Frankenstein

Alright, one more before the week is out.

Out of all the Mel Brook's movies this is probably my favorite, either this or Blazing Saddles. You know, it's been awhile since I've seen this movie and surprisingly it's even better than when I first saw it. It's a spoof, but a excellent spoof of the single most famous monster movie in history. The more you know about the original Frankenstein films, the better this movie is. It takes many, many odes from the first two films both of which I reviewed for Halloween and not just from those movies but german expressionist films. The humor is just hit after hit, and will certainly entertain you. The casting is spot on, I believe the cast was chosen based around the humor of each character. Dear sweet Jesus, Gene Wilder can do no wrong! He is both gut busting hilarious, and piss your pants terrifying! He's always a passionate, commited actor and it shows. Marty Feldman is a great comedic sidekick to Gene Wilder and probably his character plus Bela Lugosi's character in Son Of Frankenstein began the staple of Dr. Frankenstein having a hunchback assistand named Igor. I forgot Madeline Kahn was in this movie, both she and Teri Garr bring more hilarity and charm to the movie and they just crack me up. Terrific comedy actresses to say the least. The film is shot completely in black and white, and it makes me feel so at home. Spoof or not, it has that Universal horror look to it and that gets bonus points! All in all, a great comedy and a terrific cult film.

And now for the mystery week. What will happen next? Even I do not know. But the review must go on...

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